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I just wanted to take a minute to commend your shop foreman Bryce for the exceptional customer service he provided to me on my two recent visits there. 

I took my 2013 Genesis sedan in for it's 24000 service and a concern I had with the front parking sensors not functioning correctly. Bryce explained to me that the sensors checked out ok, however I had mentioned it was an intermittent problem, sometimes every day then not for a week etc. He told me he would create a file and send it to Hyundai for authorization to replace the sensors. He phoned me at home at home( I think it was the same day) to say it had been approved and that the parts would be ordered. 

The parts arrived quickly and today(Nov 15) I took my car in for the job to be done. While in the waiting room Bryce once again came out and explained in detail what was being done and to please let him know personally if I had any further issues with the front sensors.

I find his attention to detail commendable and ask that you pass along my sincere thanks to him, as I did not get a chance to see him again before I left.

Thanks Again.

Bruce T.

I have been doing all of my services at Hyundai in Richmond, and I am always greeted by Molly. I am always explained very clearly what needs to happen, and what I should not be concerned about. Sure I can spend less somewhere else, but I feel confident when I drop my car off at Hyundai that it will be done properly and honestly.

It was my first experience servicing my car and it was great! The people were very friendly and efficient. :)

My advisor was very professional and courteous. It was a very pleasant experience taking my vehicle there for servicing.

We chatted with the service manager/representative before retrieving our car. Very pleasant and nice to deal with.

Really great service and our salesperson (Ben) was really friendly and straightforward when he was dealing with us (both me and my girlfriend bought cars from the dealership in the gap of 2 days).

The staff are always friendly and explain in detail as to what is to be done in simple and understandable terms.

Matt & Robyn have been very helpful in getting my issues resolved; always offered me a loaner car even if it was for an extended period of time.

Daniel C is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He has always listened to my concerns and always found a solution, when others were not able to do so. Extremely professional and helpful.

Recently, I equipped my Equus with a new set of summer tires (Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3) which were installed and balanced by another dealer on my original summer wheels. After a couple of weeks, on an occasion of driving at higher speed for a short burst (120 - 130 km/hr), I noticed vibration emanating from the front wheels. I brought this to the attention of Greg Dowswell at OpenRoad Hyundai and he offered to check it out. They proceeded to submit the front wheels to diagnostics for ‘Road Force Variation’ (a higher level of diagnostics than normal wheel balancing) thereby identifying that the right front tire itself was not in perfect balance at high speed rotation. The service department proceeded to correct the situation to bring the rotational lateral forces within necessary limits to eliminate the vibration at high speeds. Although this was not a matter that was required of the OpenRoad Dealership, they came through with their usual performance to earn my ‘Service with Excellence’ stars.

I look forward to taking my car in for service because I take great interest not only in my car but to follow developments in the auto industry. At this dealership and their Service Department, I can discuss small details to be tweaked and get total satisfaction – they have earned my respect and my commendation.